We carry a wide variety of the freshest and highest quality beef to deliver to our customers needs. Our Butchers can offer expert advice on all your butchery needs.

Our beef comes from 5 sources: Local Gibsons Beef (yes here from the beautiful Sunshine Coast), Meadow Valley Meat, Hanks Chilliwack Grass Fed, New Zealand Grass Fed and Alberta Angus AAA. 

Meadow Valley meats

63 Acres is a local brand of premium beef naturally raised without any added hormones or steroids. Their cattle is grass fed and grain finished for superior marbling, texture and taste and comes from carefully selected family owned farms in BC’s southern interior. They focus strictly on quality, consistently delivering delicious cuts of beef raised ethically, naturally and locally.

Raised locally, fed naturally, treated humanely.

The climate in southern BC is perfect for raising beef – low humidity, lots of sunshine and plenty of locally grown grass and hay to feed on. Our cattle are raised in small groups on small family run BC farms and ranches. Prior to finishing, they’re allowed to roam and graze free on a vegetarian diet without any animal by-products or chemical additives like steroids (growth promotants). Your beef lives well, another reason it tastes better.


Our beef comes from some of the finest ranches in southern BC. We have relationships with some of the best cattlemen in southern British Columbia, including:

Miane Creek Livestock in Armstrong, owned by Mike and Diane Nikolaisen
Burke Family Farm in Enderby, owned by Ted Burke
Cactus Country Farm in Ashcroft, owned by Terry and Susan Schalles
Bremmer Family Farm in Enderby, owned by August Bremmer.


  • 100% BC Born, Raised & Processed

  • Grass Fed & Grain finished on small family owned farms

  • Raised without the use of added hormones or steroids

 Cuts of Beef

  1. Flank Steak: A relatively long and flat cut from the abdominal muscle region. Flank steak is often used as an alternative to the traditional skirt steak

  2. Tenderloin: Tenderloin is greatly desired for being one of the more tender cuts of beef. The tenderloin is taken from under the short ribs in the hindquarters. This specific cut is what people picture when they hear “High-end” steak

  3. Ribeye: Ribeyes are basically a prime rib or standing rib roast cut down into individual steaks. Ribeyes have lots of fat marbling and the meat and large pockets of fat interspersed throughout. The middle (central eye) has a finer grain while the outer section is looser and fattier.

  4. Sirloin: aka Baseball (if cut thick enough): The Sirloin is a cut from the rear back portion of the animal, continuing off the short loin from which T-Bone is cut. The sirloin is actually divided into several types of steak. The top sirloin is the most prized of these and is specifically marked for sale under that name.

  5. T-Bone: The name says it all; there is a T-shaped bone with meat on both sides of the longer portion of the bone. On one side is a piece of the tenderloin, and the other side is New York strip. Generous fat marbling throughout. You get the best of both worlds with this cut: super-tender, buttery tenderloin, and beefy, juicy strip steak.

  6. Striploin: aka New York Steak: The Strip Steak is a cut of steak from the short loin. It derives from a muscle that does little work making this cut of beef quite tender. The Striploin can be grilled, broiled, and pan-seared without marinating it.

  7. BBQ Ribs: A primal cut of Bone-in Beef, coming from a single rib or several ribs out of the carcass. BBQ sauce is usually marinated to create a “Fall off the Bone” effect with an ample amount of flavor

  8. Ground Beef: Finely chopped beef. Ground Beef is widely known as what hamburgers are made from